The Nations of Three Streams

The Nations of Three Streams river encompass the major (city-) states of the region and give a basic run-down as well as additional information once it has been discovered.

The Primary Powers

This list encompasses the most powerful of nations in the greater region.

Three Streams Crossing

This Nation is the beating heart of the greater region and also contains it’s most populous city. Once a city-state of great power, the last few rulers of this state decided to expand it’s borders, enacting wars of conquest upon it’s neighbours.

Nowadays the nation consists of various sizable cities and dozens of small villages and hamlets.

Dominion of the Great Lake

Also known as the Kingdom of Ma-Cho’an, the Dominion is a powerful nation ruled by a sorcerer-king that has lived for more than two centuries by now. The nation is constantly expanding it’s mining operations and has in the past shown little interest in expanding beyond it’s current borders.

The Merchant Princes of Iyo-Chin

Based in the city of Iyo-Chin, the Merchant Princes are supposed to form a national leadership made up of the heads of the five merchant houses. For more than one full decade, though, a singular de-facto ruler has emerged unchallenged, putting House Ryung in charge of the state’s fate.

In the time of rulership under House Ryung’s elder, Non-Chu Ryung, the state has become much more powerful, though primarily by ways of conquest of either military or mercantile ways.


The nation of Ujin is a highly military hierarchy that is largely based on merit, though political sway still holds much potential. The Protector, leader of the nation, is tasked with keeping his people safe and much work needs to be done at all times, with the nation bordering the Shadowland Blackened Pass and the Wyld-influenced region known as Land of Dreams Clad in Regret.

Life among the Ujin is hard, but honest work and a strong heart are rewarded and thus breed a nation of hardy people, ready for war and work alike.

The Secondary Powers

While not powerful enough to measure up fully against the primary powers, nations in this category can often at least hold their own against them to remain independent.

Sacred Copse Alliance

Comprised of Plentiful Fields and Little Copse, this alliance serves primarily as a cooperative to defend against advances from Iyo-Chin. Leadership is mutual, but the city-states’ cultures are quite different, with people from Plentiful Fields favoring a pastoral lifestyle while those from Little Copse worship local elementals as their gods and try to live in harmony with nature.

Over the last years the relations between the two members have warmed, though the alliance remains a practical one.


Constructed long ago as a watch-station to monitor activity coming from the Shadowland known as The Blackened Pass, Corpsewatch has long since developed into a power in it’s own right. The city is highly militarized and is led by the Blackwing Order of Exorcists. The group travels throughout the larger region and is at least grudgingly welcomed everywhere due to their great skill in dealing with the undead. This is also one of the primary reason they remain independent, together with their combined skill in combat and the militarized populace.


Formerly as Nangu Mines, this city-state was once a prime mining operation of Iyo-Chin. The mining turned out vastly more profitable than expected, with the miners withholding much in terms of wealth – enough to hire an army of mercenaries after a few years’ time and declaring independence.

Since their declaration of independence, Nangu has maintained a sizable mercenary presence and keeps drilling it’s civilians to act as emergency-army in case of an attack.

The city itself has grown much in recent decades, much in part to the extensive and relatively safe cave-network that was revealed in the mining operations. Though deeper reaches are considered dangerous, many tunnels are now more like streets, not dissimilar to Gem in the proper South.

Nyorin / Riversmeet

The cities of Nyorin and Riversmeet are locked in a vendetta of grand proportions. At any time one nation has subjugated the other, though whom dominates the relationship varies with every passing decade. The larger powers have decided to stay away from the feuding cities in part due to the legend of a mighty curse befalling the cities that constantly pit them against one another, be it as a city-state or part of a larger empire.

When one nation dominates the other, their combined ferocity can be a challenge even to much larger forces.

Stone Fingers Tribe

Named after the famed mountain-range which they inhabit, the Stone Finger Tribe is a constant danger to Three Streams Crossing. The Tribes control North Stone Reach and South Stone Reach, as well as Westerlund and the incredibly deep and spacious caves within the mountainrange. Their numbers cannot be properly determined due to many of their kin living within the caves, unseen to outsiders.

They remain relatively active and constantly fight minor skirmishes against their northern neighbour, but rarely deal with larger warfare. They control a significant amount of the Grey River Trade, though the Guild keeps them in check, though even they are not allowed to freely explore the caves.

Ash River Kingdom

Consisting of many smaller villages and a few key town along the Ash River, this kingdom fights a constant war against the influence of the Wyld. They are relatively peaceful externally, but there is a constant struggle going on internally.

Helskyr Dominion

Centered in Helskyr Keep, the clan-based structure of this nation leads to a lot of internal struggle and intrigue, though the Helskyrian Clans remain stoic and united in the face of external threat… so far, at least.

Dannya’s Domain

The Green Pit

A massive city centered around a demesne that provides food and clear water aplenty, even for the significant population it sports nowadays. Much of it’s produce keeps only for a day or two, though, and many people have said that the food provided can be addictive and mind-altering.

The Minor Nations and City-States

  • Straw Forest, a city-state near a bamboo forest
  • Bao, a small city-state of no major significance
  • Hammerfall, the entry to the caves of Shao’din mountains and pathway to the Ujin Nation
  • The House of Yung-Dai, a city founded by an exiled Merchant House from Iyo-Chin
  • Dai’i Chuy, one of the last trading stations on the way to the Northbound Road
  • Hanlen, the only stable settlement for the otherwise nomadic Hanlen-Tribe that roams the Savannah
  • Denyo, a sizable city based on farming the Blue River Delta
  • Wetland Docks, a swampy city founded on crafting some of the best ships in Three Streams Provinces
  • Treylan Moor, a small state consisting of a few villages and two sizeable cities throughout Treylan Moor itself
  • Outcast Village, a city hidden within a permanent disorienting fog that seems to have partial control over it’s method of concealment
  • Rose River, a river-based trading city that co-sustains itself by farming highly arable land nearby
  • Redivan, a city-state mining Moonlit Redstone, a rare resource that yields much in trade-income
  • Crimson Springs, named for the red-colored water that carries Moonlit Redstone particles that can be easily harvested
  • Unnadan’s Rest, the burial-site of an ages-old hero that remains a popular folktale, now grown to a funerary-city that is in permanent cooperation with the Blackwing Order
  • Dust Bowl Valley, a city located in a dusty bowl encapsulated by mountains, strangely sizeable for it’s location. Mysteries surround the city, and it allows few travellers into it’s walls
  • Honnogai, a trading waystation that became rather wealthy due to it’s local flatland ore-deposits and skilled smiths
  • Crossroads, a small city-state that got wealthy on trade, being a major waystation to the south and east. Xinung, the nearby city, has been annexed only a few years past.

The Nations of Three Streams

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