Helskyr Dominion


Once a part of Dannya’s Domain, the Helskyr Dominion is now ruled by various clans that came from the south and took over the region, pushing our and dominating the less powerful people of Dannya’s Domain at the time.

Since the migration of the Helskyrian Clans, they have taken over Patra, Lo-Gai and Shyun, adding on top of that their own self-founded capital city of Helsky Keep.

Over the last couple decades the Helskyrian Clans have opted to pay tributes to the Realm in a continuing trend. Their hostility towards Dannya’s Domain has diminished as they focus much more strongly on their own internal growth and safety.

The Clans

The Helskyrian people align themselves primarily along the structures and lines of their clans and the related knowledge and practical skills. Switching clans is doable but relatively unusual outside of marriages and similar occasions.

Citizens usually consider themselves part of the nation first, of the clan second and city last. The bonds they form between one another are surprisingly strong, especially in a culture in which internal struggles and machinations are so common.

The primary clans of the Helskyr Dominion are:

  • Clan Djara, the leaders of the Dominion
  • Clan Unjaar, a war-like clan that compromises much of the military strength
  • Clan Juu’azar, the tradesmen and mercantile experts
  • Clan Anjar, the scholars and clerks
  • Clan Tuun’bara, the forge-kin and worksmen

There are dozens of minor clans as well, though they have all sworn primary allegiance to one of the six above clans, making them essentially sub-families in a larger structure.

Each Clan consists of several thousand members from the primary and sub-branches. The general expertise espoused by a clan does not fully dictate what an individual may be, so a smith that belongs to Clan Djara or Unjaar is very well possible, though likely under tutelage or cooperating with a member of Clan Tuun’bara.

Detail Info

Population (Helskyr Keep): 18.000 Citizens
Population (Shyun): 9.500 Citizens
Population (Lo-Gai): 6.200 Citizens
Population (Patra): 8.700 Citizens
Military: 2.200 Unjaari Warriors, 1.200 (Non-Unjaari) Clan Warriors
Goods and Services: Ore, Lumber, Crafts (Clay, Metal, Silver), Indentured Slaves
Primary influences: Clan Djara
Primary Language: Fire-Tongue

Helskyr Keep

Built as the central hub for all clan activity, Helskyr is primarily ruled by the Djara Clan. Entrance into Helskyr Keep itself is strictly regulated, and most of the time only members of a clan may enter, though occasional foreign guests are entertained.

The city itself is heavily fortified, sitting at the southern tip of Dannya’s Woods western reaches. It sits in a plain along a small rivulet running from near Lo-Gai. The city has a central core which contains halls and houses of the higher clan members, as well as the central Hall of Speakers, where clanners may come forth to speak their mind to their leaders.

Outside of the inner ‘shell’, the city has grown haphazardly along the western and eastern roadways, as well as the small stream coming in from the south. About a decade ago the leaders of the city decided to regulate construction and settlement more thoroughly, and the city is still in a bit of a transformative state, where new walls are being added.


Shyun is the western gateway into Helsykr territory. The city consists of nearly ten thousand people, a lot of whom work regular day-trades of their own. Merchant trade is light but not insignificant, and there is little need to strong military presences, as the Ash River Kingdom poses little threat and has few ambitions to the east that are not covered by plenty of empty space.


Lo-Gai is the hear of clan Juu’azar and Tuun’bara, for it lies next to the Green Wave Hills, which get their name from looking like a rough sea of green from a distance. the hills contain a variety of mines that bring forth mostly copper, though some silver and iron comes along as well. The tradesmen, craftsmen and fore-kin of the clans work these resources into goods, tools and weapons. As a second noteworthy resource, Lo-Gai has some large clay deposits some ways off the city, which are worked by the minor settlements around it.

Lo-Gai has a sizable defensive military presence, due to raiders coming from the south, the original homeland of the clans in ages long past. Most raiders focus on the outer settlements, though two years ago a sizable group of more than two hundred raiders banded together and penetrated into the city itself, causing massive damage, wiping out one of the then-primary clans (Clan Haruun) which later became a sub-clan to Juu’azar.


Having once been a holy place to the people of Dannya’s Domain, Patra is still a city of shrines and temples, though they are nowadays dedicated to the ancestors of the clans, as well as their patron gods. Parts of the city are cursed with angry spirits whom shall take no rest as long as the soul of a defiler yet walks in their warrens (the ‘District of Woes’ and ‘Old Azure Shrines’).

Patra is also the only proper path to the southern lands, and as such sees semi-regular trade and the only non-violent contact with the southern tribes. The city contains a strong military presence of a few hundred trained warriors at all times.

Most of the city’s goods come from working the nearby Spire of Azure Earth as well as the lands surrounding it. Regular clashes with people from Dannya’s Domain occur over the holy grounds not just within the city, but also the Spire.

Important People

  • Eminence Yalen Dajara-Kuun – (m) designated leader of the Dominion
  • Guide Sabuura – (f) Chief Diviner and Spirit-Talker of the Dominion
  • Speaker for the Dead, Emh – Chief Intercessor for the Ancestors
  • Precursor of War, the revered ancestor Haung Ekuun – Ancestor / Warlord
  • Superior Dajanna Djara – (f) Leader of Clan Djara
  • Superior Rokhan Unjaar – (m) Leader of Clan Unjaar
  • Superior Naalar Juu’azar – (m) Leader of Clan Juu’azar
  • Superior Elahdjinn Anjar – (m) Leader of Clan Anjar
  • Superior Kaoka Tuun’bara – (f) Leader of Clan Tuun’bara
  • The King of the Spire of the Azure Earth, Aulaienn – God of the Spire
  • Shepherd on the Endless Green Waters – God of the Green Wave Hills

Helskyr Dominion

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