Hidden View

Investigator/Scholar Night Caste


Str 2
Dex 4
Sta 3

Cha 3 [8 SolXP]
Man 3
App 2

Per 4
Int 4
Wit 3

Awareness 4
Investigation 4 – Profile Character
Larceny 4 – Disguise, Forgery
Socialize 5 (Supernal) [7 XP]
Stealth 4

Athletics 3 [3 SolXP]
Brawl 1
Linguistics 1
Lore 3 [XP debt: 3 SolXP]
Martial Arts: Crane Style 5 [19 SolXP]
Martial Arts: Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style 2 [3 XP, 1 SolXP]
Martial Arts: Snake Style 5 [7 SolXP]
Melee 3

Archery 0
Bureaucracy 1
Craft 0
Dodge 1
Integrity 3 (Excellency) [4 SolXP]
Medicine 0
Occult 2 [2 SolXP]
Performance 2 [2 SolXP]
Presence 3 – Persuasion (Excellency)
Resistance 1 (Excellency)
Ride 0
Sail 0
Survival 0
Thrown 1
War 0

Lore Fields

  • Blackwing Order
  • Economics
  • Law and Order
  • Martial Arts
  • Organized Crime
  • Philosophy
  • the Stars [story reward]
  • the Undead [story reward]
  • Three Streams Province Geography [story reward]
  • Three Streams Province History

Opportunities for learning

  • Lore Fields: Astrology, Omens
  • Occult 3
  • Sail 1-3

Direction Sense 1

  • Flametongue (Native Tongue)
  • High Realm
  • Riverspeak
  • Forest-tongue [3 SolXP]
  • Old Realm [3 SolXP]
  • Low Realm [3 SolXP]
    Martial Artist 4
    Toxin Resistance 3
    Caravan Master Kesimm, sponsored (1-year contract) [story]:
  • Contacts (Northern TSP Trade Routes) 1
  • Followers (Merchants) 1
  • Resources 2
    Allies [story]:
  • Spymaster Loi-Shau Tuan (m), Dai’i Chuy
    Jade Effigies (122) [story]:
  • Command 4
  • Size 3 (100+ members of the unit) / Elite Drill / Might 2
  • The Effigies have Perfect Morale (cannot suffer Fear effects)

Willpower: 5

Limit: 0
Limit Trigger: The Solar’s allies suffer a setback or defeat because of a mistake he made.

XP: (1)/125
Solar XP: (-3)/88

Essence 2
Personal 16
Peripheral 20 (40)

  • Keen Sight Technique 6
  • Keen Hearing and Touch Technique 6
  • Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise 6 (Hawkeye)
  • Summoning the Loyal Steel 2 (Blessed Hook Sword, Spear of the Blackwing)
    Anima Banner: Revelation of a Thousand Watchful Eyes

Defense 6 (Hook Sword, Short Spear; + 1 Crane Form) / 3 (Unarmed)
Evasion 3 (+ 1 Serpentine Evasion)
Guile 4 (+ 1 or + 2 Shadow Over Day, + 3 Guarded Thoughts Meditation)
Parry 6 (Hook Sword, Short Spear; + 1 Crane Form)
Resolve 3
Soak 3 (+ 4 Snake Form)
Health Levels 0, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -2, -4, and Incapacitated

Hook Sword (MA: Snake, Crane)
Withering: attack 11, damage 11
Decisive: attack 9, damage Ini (+2 vs. Undead) – disarming: -3 Ini, difficulty 2 gambit

Spear of the Blackwing (Melee)
Withering: attack 10, damage 11 – piercing: -1 Def, -1 Ini, ignore 4 pts. soak from armor
Decisive: attack 8, damage Ini

Short Spear (Melee)
Withering: attack 9, damage 11 – piercing: -1 Def, -1 Ini, ignore 4 pts. soak from armor
Decisive: attack 7, damage Ini

Unarmed (MA: Snake, Crane)
Withering: attack 13, damage 9
Decisive: attack 9, damage Ini

Voice of the Night Bird (MA: Nightingale)
Withering: attack close 11/short 10, damage 12
Decisive: attack 6, damage Ini

Shuriken (Thrown)
Withering: attack close 9/short 8, damage 9
Decisive: attack 5, damage Ini
Quantity: 10

Unarmed: +4 Acc, +7 Dmg, +0 Def, 1 Overwhelming
Hook Sword (pair): +2 Acc, +9 Dmg, +1 Def, 1 Overwhelming
Short Spear (can be folded for transport)
Blessed Hook Sword (can hit undead ghosts, +2 decisive damage vs. undead)
Spear of the Blackwing: +3 Acc, +9 Dmg, +1 Def, 1 Overwhelming; 2 Evocations (cost 1 committed mote each)
Voice of the Night Bird: close +5 Acc/short +4 Acc, +10 Dmg, 3 Overwhelming
Shuriken: close +4 Acc/short +3 Acc, +7 Dmg, 1 Overwhelming
Climbing Claws
Buff Jacket: +3 Soak, 0 Mobility Penalty, 0 Hardness
Lockpicking Tools
Acting/Make-up Utensils
Different Sets of Clothes
Rough Drawing of the Symbol of Saturn
122 Jade Effigies, guarding Corpsewatch against all enemies

  • Translated copy of “The Firmament of Stars” by Glorious Zi (original in Old Realm)
  • Copy of “Codex Arcanum Stellaris”

Graceful Crane Stance [8 XP]
Monkey Leap Technique

Sensory Acuity Prana
Keen Sight Technique
Keen Hearing and Touch Technique [8 XP]
Awakening Eye [8 XP]
Surprise Anticipation Method [8 XP]

Integrity-Protecting Prana [10 XP]

Watchman’s Infallible Eye
Crafty Observation Method
Judge’s Ear Technique

Seasoned Criminal Method
Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise

Harmonious Academic Methodology [8 XP]
learning: First Knowledge’s Grace [4/8 XP]

Martial Arts: Crane Style
Fluttering Cry of Warning [8 SolXP]
Empowering Justice Redirection [8 SolXP]
Crane Form [8 SolXP]

Martial Arts: Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style
Voice of the Night Bird [8 SolXP]

Martial Arts: Snake Style
Serpentine Evasion
Striking Cobra Technique
Snake Form
Armor-Penetrating Fang Strike [8 XP]

Dipping Swallow Defense
Call the Blade [8 XP]
Summon the Loyal Steel [8 XP]
Hail-Shattering Practice [8 XP]
Nimble Reaving Wind [8 XP]

Harmonious Presence Meditation

Ox-Body Technique

Shadow Over Day
Guarded Thoughts Meditation [8 XP]
Penumbra Self Meditation [8 XP]
Inverted Ego Mask [8 XP]

Easily-Overlooked Presence Method


Southerner (native of Gem), brown skin, short black hair, green eyes, trimmed beard.
Former Guard Detective of Gem

Prequel Session: Exaltation and Exile

  • infiltrated the Kamoro Syndicate as undercover investigator to stop their smuggling of gems
  • defied his superior’s orders to not interfere in the kidnapping and sale of several citizens of Gem by the Kamoro Syndicate, mobilized allies to save the victims
  • traveled to Blackhall Hollow, battled with allies against demon worshipers and a summoned blood ape demon; Exaltation and successful rescue
  • faked his own death and followed the magical call to the East; took the name of Hidden View and the cover identity of Hawkeye

Sessions 1-2: Crisis in Dai’i Chuy

  • worked as a caravan guard on the way to the Three Streams Province, building up a good reputation
  • arrived in Dai’i-Chuy, met Seven Swords Saint [Jens], and was hired together with him to prevent a revolution in the city (that turned out to be sponsored by Iyo-Chin with help from elements of the Guild), helped by Whimsical Auria [Schantz] and the sorcerer Deva Surata-Kash [Aaron]
  • scouted, infiltrated and rooted out enemy spies and their hideout, and together with his allies and the loyal mercenaries employed by the king, defeated the rebellion and rescued the hostages
  • during the fighting: freed a Firecaul Ogre from magical domination, witnessed Whimsical Auria’s unhappy family reunion (his family being cruel Fair Folk) and flight out of the city

Sessions 3-5: Corpsewatch before the Storm

  • continued on his journey with the caravan to the city of Corpsewatch, accompanied by Seven Swords Saint (from whom he started learning Crane Style), where he met Atlas [Aaron] (who was repairing fortifications in shadowlands to the south) while searching for clues to the unknown sun god and the strange symbol he witnessed during his exaltation
  • noticed a stranger (Immaculate Sukaya of the Soul-Gazing Eyes) spying on Atlas, pursued her while disguised and found her waiting for him with a cryptic message before the bell of the city started ringing, catching even the city guards by surprise
  • the following day all those inside the city were required to stand outside undisguised while the goddess of the city passed through the streets in a procession, choosing people for her service: Hidden View (who saw through her veils and met her gaze), Seven Swords Saint and Atlas were chosen (among others like Hishiro Kento [Schantz]), and brought to the heart of the city, the Basilica of the Dead and Living
  • met the Ravenlord, the secret ruler of Corpsewatch, and was interviewed by him
  • in the war room, Corpsewatch’s emergency situation was explained: an army of Undead, led by a powerful, ancient ghost (a Nephwrack), was marching towards the city from the shadowlands to the southwest, and those chosen by the goddess (Moments of Life Exultant) were involved in planning the defense
  • planned and undertook a scouting mission into the shadowland, disguised as a zombie, and returned with intelligence on size and composition of the undead army (including the Nephwrack wielding a weapon made of soulsteel)

Sessions 6-7: Preparations and Surprises

  • together with Atlas and Seven Swords Saint, witnessed Hishiro Kento’s sorcerous construction of a deep moat around the city, as well as his glowing Caste Mark, responded with showing his own Caste Mark
  • admitted access to the High Loremaster’s library, created an index of his books, found info on the unknown symbol belonging to the star Saturn in a book and also discovered a book written in Old Realm (that he gave to Hishiro Kento for reading)
  • gave instructions on counter-tunneling techniques for the coming siege, improved traps
  • prepared for a second recon & infiltration mission against the undead army together with Sukaya, disguised as a Mortwight bargained with a captured ghost (Ember Starfall) to act as his translator 5 times
  • infiltrated and scouted the undead army’s encampment, among intel on their elite units found 500 Jade Effigies and freed their leader from a soulsteel inhibitor, then attuned to their leader and was recognized by him as Tawuga of the Starless Skies, their former master from the First Age
  • engineered the Jade Effigies’ simultaneous fighting escape to Corpsewatch’s mound as well as the destruction of a portable soulsteel cauldron (used for creating skeletons from ectoplasm) by pumping Essence into it (Essence Fever), thus igniting his Revelation of a Thousand Watchful Eyes (Anima Banner), and escaping the camp successfully, making the Nephwrack his mortal enemy
  • rejoined with Jade Effigies near Corpsewatch where a battle against an advance army of undead was taking place, gave the order to attack, undead were annihilated; witnessed Seven Swords Saint’s Caste Mark

Sessions 8-9: Of Gods and Priests

  • gained some knowledge from Dragon Leader about the past age, gave command of the Jade Effigies to High Crusader Azure Clouds and Loremistress Diao Tomarrok for the upcoming battle
  • traveled with Hishiro, Saint and Atlas to the house of the Grim Maiden, Saint recruited her for the defense of Corpsewatch; noticed that she seems to be a forgotten goddess (basically jobless)
  • continued travel to Hammerfall, met with a priest regarding an audience with the high priest (for permission to speak with their god) which was denied immediately, appealed to his heart and conscience before being asked to leave
  • after Atlas had roused the citizen’s righteous indignation at their leadership’s indifference to the grave threat of the Undead army with an inspiring speech, and after Saint had uncovered evidence of the leadership’s corruption and eliminated a group of mercenaries attempting to ambush and kill him, followed the citizen’s march on the Nobles District (led by Atlas) and noticed and eliminated mercenary archers preparing to attack the crowd together with Saint and Hishiro
  • while watching over the assembled citizens together with Saint and Hishiro, witnessed the summoning of the Guardian of Hammerfall by Atlas and the subsequent destruction of the Nobles District by the displeased Guardian (who had not been informed by his priests about the Undead threat), shared information with the Guardian
  • ambushed by an Undead hit squad on the way back to Corpsewatch, witnessed Atlas incinerating a remaining corpse with a flame springing from his hand

Session 10: Spies and Dyes

  • back in Corpsewatch, noticed two observers from the North outside – a Great Strix and a strange woman (that faded from Hidden View’s memory [Sidereal]) – as well as a Wandering Husk spy that soon after died to Saint’s blessed sword
  • strange reports of paintings having changed in the city call for attention, Hidden View witnessed an entire display of paintings change and – for a brief moment – spotted eyes looking out of the paintings at him; informed by the High Loremaster about a mythical painting as the source of this magical phenomenon, started a city-wide search for it with Atlas achieving success
  • brought the mythical painting under guard to a safe place in the Basilica of the Dead and Living, Hishiro heard the painting speak to him and offer aid against our enemies for a sacrifice of our enemies’ blood, sparking a discussion on whether to accept that offer; Hidden View rejected the offer and went out for lunch, followed by a scouting tour of the city’s environs, fraternizing with Oraka and the Stonebreakers, and assisting Saint in decoding a book of the mercenaries he killed in Hammerfall

Session 11: Something Wicked This Way Comes

  • arrival of allied army from Hammerfall (levies), Hidden View socializes with the troops and inquires about dojos and senseis in the region, a trooper named Throno tells him of a man living near Waxan who wields his voice as a weapon (Nightingale Style)
  • Atlas went to a nearby outpost to see if it would be suitable to launch a flanking assault from, Hidden View and Saint went with him; Hidden View spotted the Great Strix again, when he mentioned it Atlas immediately set off after the Strix, followed by his companions, but the Strix flew away when they drew near
  • back in the War Room: discussions about battle plans involving the Jade Effigies, usage of an Earth Elemental to create tunnels radiating outward from Corpsewatch to get Effigies close to undead siege engines so they can take them out in surprise attacks
  • an extended discussion on how to stop the Nephwrack’s sorcerous working didn’t find a solution
  • arrival of allied army from Dai’i Chuy (including mercenaries), Hidden View spotted 2 more armies in the distance: volunteers from Hammerfall (thanks to Atlas) to the north, and surprisingly an army from The House of Yung-Dai (bad relations with Corpsewatch) to the East as well as The Ten Elders, an elite unit of God-blooded warriors from Three Streams Crossing (where a dojo is located)
  • growing concerns among Corpsewatch’s leadership about the seeming inactivity from the undead army, Hidden View had a suspicion and asked Hishiro if he can detect if the city and its surroundings are being targeted by a sorcerous working, which Hishiro was able to detect and identify as a working to cast darkness upon Corpsewatch for 7 days and 7 nights; in response, Hishiro started a sorcerous working to make the city walls shine with light
  • Saint and Hidden View started to train the exorcists to fight in darkness and twilight
  • more armies arrived, most of them unexpected: mercenaries from Iyo-Chin, elite heavy infantry from Ujin-Gai, mercenaries and cavalry from Nangu Mines (flying the banner of Corpsewatch), and light infantry from Plentiful Fields and Sacred Copse

Sessions 12-13: Nightfall

  • with the Nephwrack’s sorcery blocking the sun, the undead army approached and besieged the city, having added Tomb Golems to their ranks
  • scouts reported a strange being in the northwest they could not look upon, so Hidden View went to take a look and identified the army’s second-in-command, a nightmarish humanoid being called the Envoy of Black Truths Spoken Unto Midnight, a Deathknight
  • the undead siege engines started to rain bones upon the city for several hours, after which the bones reassembled themselves into animated skeletons and attacked the defenders; the companions rushed to destroy the groups nearest to them while the Jade Effigies managed to destroy most of the siege engines with major losses
  • called to the northern gate to repel a major attack by war ghosts, mortwights, tomb golems and zombies, only a few war ghosts manage to flee their crushing defeat against the companions
  • the undead army called off their first attack, having managed to destroy 2 gates of Corpsewatch and caused heavy damage to the Western wall, with the defenders suffering heavier losses than expected (~4000 lives lost vs. ~14000 undead destroyed)
  • with the companions waiting for another call for help and passing the time with training and assisting citizens with various tasks, Hidden View detected and followed a hidden supernatural person (humanoid) on its way to a building in the northern part of the city (occasionally walking on air to get there) where that person met with 4 others to discuss their mission in Corpsewatch and arranged a second meeting; Hidden View watched, listened and took notes [Sidereal meeting, their Arcane Fate would make him forget and caused his writings to fade soon after], after which he reported all this to White-Cloaked Inari of the Rivers
  • scouted the location of the meeting for an ideal observation spot as well as a hiding place for his companions should he need them, and observed and wrote down the meeting of the 5 strangers (whose colors of clothing he associated with the colors of Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter), all of which he reported to Inari and the High Loremaster
  • Corpsewatch’s bell rang, calling the companions to action against the Undead who now attacked with all of their forces, rushing to the Western wall (where the situation was the most dire) to save troops from Hammerfall, with Atlas using the opportunity to summon the goddess Eshamon

Sessions 14-15: The Last Stand

  • with the companions having saved the troops from Hammerfall, Hidden View extended his senses to detect a unit of Exorcists in trouble that were then saved by the companions
  • continued relief actions for endangered defenders
  • called to the War Room for an important matter, invited to Immaculate Sukaya’s wedding ceremony deep under Corpsewatch, the leaders of the city were all present, her husband turned out to be a very odd fellow who called himself the Praetor of the Unfulfilled Life (real name: Ahrun Kai) and was required to fight for Corpsewatch before consummating his marriage
  • supported defenders from Yung-Dai in the east, called to an emergency in the west where the Scarlet Banner war ghosts were spotted, summoned Gannashar the Red Guardian (who defeated at least 800 of them before going down) and engaged the advancing undead, during the engagement the companions were attacked by an unknown woman with supernatural combat abilities – a Deathknight [Dusk] – named Karence of Ikanera who vanished after suffering a crippling wound from Hishiro’s Skycutter
  • returned to the War Room, discussion about the strange marks of the undead’s allies and their similarities to the marks of Hishiro and Saint, followed by discussion about the current state of the siege
  • while comforting Crashing Wave of the Ten Elders, Atlas gave a rousing speech, restoring and boosting the failing confidence of everyone present
  • the companions led a successful push towards beleaguered friendly forces in the southern part of the city to secure a route for their fighting withdrawal to the Inner City
  • while observing the enemy forces, Hidden View was approached by a Lorelei disguised as a maidservant of Inari and was offered a meeting with the Firecaul Ogre Amenahri of the Dreaming Flame to repay his debt to Hidden View, he accepted and was brought through the enemy lines to a cave in the West by the Lorelei, where he was offered the service of 1000 fae warriors and 50 Cataphractoi against the Undead – which he accepted
  • on his way out of the cave he met a strange woman who had just killed the Lorelei that escorted him, after a slightly botched introduction they left the cave talking with each other, she asked him about his traveling companions, Hidden View informed her of the situation in Corpsewatch and the dangers to avoid when she mentioned that she would try to join him in the city, assuring him that she would find a way
  • back in Corpsewatch, Hidden View informed his companions of the deal with the Fae Lord and his encounter with the strange woman, and also of the undead preparing for a massive final attack
  • the undead attack commenced and the companions rushed to the aid of the Guardian of Hammerfall who was hard-pressed to defend the gates of the Inner City against the onslaught, engaging several undead lieutenants (including the Deathknight Karence) and a group of war ghosts
  • the undead advanced slowly, broke through the Inner City’s walls and pushed the defenders back
  • the companions were called by Moments of Life Exultant to aid her in a magical ritual of sacrifice, and she also told them about the Sun God when Hidden View asked her about him; her sacrifice released the spirits of Corpsewatch to destroy the undead as well as levelling most of the city in a magical shockwave, and as instructed by her and blessed by the Sun God, Hidden View engaged and killed the Envoy of Black Truths Spoken Unto Midnight, and Saint destroyed the Nephwrack with a single strike from his sword and the seven swords from his Anima banner; Hishiro and Atlas who participated in the ritual lost consciousness
  • following the victory, the survivors proceeded to bury the dead and treat the wounded, Hidden View sought and found Throno who had lost an arm in the battle, and also instructed the Jade Effigies to collect 1200 corpses for the tribute to Eshamon, Hishiro constructed carts for transporting them; over 22,000 defenders had fallen, and all of the undead were obliterated

The Scroll of the Honored Dead of the Siege of Corpsewatch
Moments of Life Exultant, Goddess of Corpsewatch
White-Cloaked Inari, Leader of Corpsewatch
Haoji Aoran, Crusader Leader
Diao Tomarrok, Crusader Leader
Alanna Heori, Crusader Leader
Junari Koh, Dai’i-Chuy Army
Minga Yung-Dai, Ruler of the House of Yung-Dai
Crashing Wave, Godblooded, Leader of the Ten Elders
Scarlet Foam, Godblooded
Tormentuous Waters, Godblooded
Pure Azure Waters, Godblooded
Cascading Riverstone, Godblooded
Blissful Rain, Godblooded
Rustling Stream, Godblooded
Six-Ox, Mortal of the Stonebreakers
22,316 Brave Soldiers, Mercenaries, Warriors and Citizens

Session 16: Aftermath

  • Atlas organized the cleanup of Corpsewatch, Saint organized a meeting of the remaining leaders to discuss the future leadership and also met with the Ravenlord – Sukaya would act as leader of the city and a new High Crusader would have to be chosen
  • assisted with cleaning up rubble, helped the surviving Three Elders to recover the Guardian’s Key, Hidden View reconstructed what happened in the final moments of Cascading Riverstone and told the Elders about her heroic sacrifice
  • composed a masterpiece dirge regarding Moments of Life Exultant’s sacrifice, wrote a detailed account of all that happened from Hidden View’s perspective in a book (in the common languages of the region) and gifted it to the High Loremaster, in dedication to the Sun God (“Dedicated to the glories of the Sun, the highest of gods. May he always light the path of the righteous.”) and in memory of the fallen defenders; then said farewell as Hidden View and re-assumed the cover identity of Hawkeye (had a nasty sickness for 2 weeks and slept most of the time, witnessed the Nephwrack’s end from afar)
  • sought and found the caravan master Striding Winds who had taken part in the battle and lost an arm, arranged to accompany his caravan to Westerlund through Ujin territory on the way to Waxan; Hishiro constructed a monument dedicated to the fallen; Atlas went on a tour of the cities that helped in the defense of Corpsewatch to thank them for their aid, was welcomed to Hammerfall with a city-wide feast and celebration
  • Saint went back to Redrock Arena with 4 disciples, successfully dueled Naki Iyamura – a former bodyguard of the Sword Empress – there and took her in as a disciple; found survivors from Glowing Fields seeking him and looking for a new home, prompting him to established his own domain

Sessions 17-18: Meetings and Journeys

  • Hishiro finished the monument, traveled to Saint’s Domain to assist in the construction of housing and to forge swords for Saint’s disciples
  • Hidden View and Atlas journeyed to Ujin-Gai through the Shao’din Mountains, split up there with Hidden View continuing to guard the caravan on the way to Westerlund
  • Atlas met with Legionmaster Kharan of the Silver Stars, was denied an opportunity to address the people of the city
  • Hishiro Kento heard of a stash of unusual metal to the north
  • Saint welcomed another new arrival to the Redrock Arena in his domain: the thief Ima’bu
  • Hidden View joined another caravan to Waxan and from there went on to Throno’s family who gave him directions to the Sensei, Old Man Kunu (who lived in a Demesne); after introducing himself and being tested, he received rigorous training in Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style which continued for 5 months through the Days of Calibration, was told to return when he had mastered his technique and skill in the style

Sessions 19-20: Treasure Hunt

  • Hishiro and Oraka set out towards the stash with a stop at Red Rock Arena to pick up Saint, Oraka easily beat the challenges; the companions traveled north, meeting Atlas on the road and joining them
  • the companions came upon a guarded settlement near the mountains: the mercenary camp of the Saffron Banner Company, which Saint knew from his past adventures, and they recognized Saint and invited him and the companions to the officer’s tent for a meet & greet, meeting their commander Saffron Shadow Strategos [Mike]
  • discovered that Strategos was also interested in the rumored stash which prompted a discussion, reports from a mercenary scout revealed its location as a man-made structure shrouded in an aura of fear, and reports of mind-influenced desertations pointed towards Lyranyve demons (Sirens of the Land, Demons of the First Circle) as possible inhabitants
  • set out with a large force of the mercenaries towards the location, companions entered the cave and came upon a portal with Old Realm inscriptions; after greeting the master of the place and stepping through the portal, the fear was gone, and they continued through the cave to a small, steep valley with a tower in its center and a series of mirrors floating over it
  • inside the tower the companions engaged a group of demons and destroyed them, at the top of the tower the companions defeated another group of demons and two figures of light that emerged from the altar
  • having noticed their misalignment, Hishiro and Oraka analyzed the geomantic matrix of the floating mirrors to adjust them to their proper positions again so the orichalcum cube and the altar with its Old Realm inscriptions would be accessible again, enabling Hishiro to become the master of this Manse that has the ability to turn gold into orichalcum
  • Atlas resumed his travels, Saint returned to his domain, Strategos moved his camp to outside the cave and later moved away to join the wars in the north (involving the Empire of Prasad)

Interlude: Personal Projects and Pastimes

  • Hidden View established a caravan in Waxan, hired the caravan master Tenimi Kesimm to organize the caravan, hired guards, analyzed the market for Tenimi, and recruited candidates for the Order as well as disciples for his future dojo from the poor and downtrodden; he would then continue trading and recruiting on a tour along the rivers to the Nangu Mines, then to Dai’i Chuy and back to Saint’s Domain, where he would pass the reins to Tenimi to continue trading until the end of his 1-year contract
  • in Enomoi, Hidden View met Atlas and his traveling companions – among them a supernatural wolfhound called Fenarchas [a Barghest] – and they joined the caravan to Iyo-Chin
  • in Iyo-Chin, Saint and his disciples joined Hidden View for the rest of the caravan’s journey, whereas Atlas left for The House of Yung-Dai and the Fields of Eshamon on his own
  • power struggles, assassinations and civil unrest in the domain of Iyo-Chin
  • [1st of Ascending Wood, 769 RY] arrival at Inari’s Rest, Hidden View and his disciples split off to his dojo (“Dojo of the Sun’s Shade”), opening ceremony; rest of caravan with Order recruits continued on to Corpsewatch
  • [4th of Ascending Wood, 769 RY] Hishiro brought the companions to Corpsewatch for the big reveal of the Monument to all the people of Corpsewatch, followed by a celebration in honor of the present Chosen of Corpsewatch and their companions
  • [5th of Ascending Wood, 769 RY] Saint took leave to the west with his disciples, entrusted the Red Rock Arena and its Hearthstone to Hawkeye; Atlas left on a personal mission
  • [6th of Ascending Wood, 769 RY] Hawkeye enters the Red Rock Arena and easily beats its challenges, attunes to its Hearthstone

Sessions 21-23: The Phoenix from the North

  • [22nd of Ascending Wood, 769 RY] Hawkeye was visited by emissaries from Dai’i Chuy with an invitation to a feast, got Hishiro along for the ride (with a sightseeing-tour of Corpsewatch for the emissaries)
  • arrived in Dai’i Chuy, military buildup in Fox’s Den and Silver Hills, rumors of brewing civil war in Iyo-Chin; rumors of mercenaries coming from the north
  • [5th of Resplendent Wood] Phoenix [Jens] and his mercenary army’s vanguard arrive looking for employment, audience with the king, rest of the Phoenix Legion arrived and set up a camp [Roman army style]
  • accompanied a servant to the Phoenix Legion’s camp for a lesson in protocol regarding the ceremony, met General Phoenix, Kala Ashur, Zalien, and the PL’s spymaster/assassin, noticed they had done some sort of wargame involving a rough layout of Dai’i Chuy made of stone – evidence of supernatural abilities among the PL’s officers
  • Chancellor Loi-Shau Tuan expressed the king’s wishes to hire Hawkeye to fight against criminal syndicates, Hawkeye reacted favorably
  • listened to Phoenix’s conversation with Captain Rauken Zho, had long conversation with Phoenix about past adventures, impressing him, Kala and Taresh; followed by conversation with the “Lady of Cho”
  • party attacked by two monsters [Kesava Erra] going for the King and the Lady, one was killed by Hawkeye, the other by Phoenix, Kala and Keia; the PL camp was likewise attacked by two of them who were defeated (one escaped); Phoenix and Kala clearly showed supernatural abilities (Phoenix being almost as fast as Seven Swords Saint with his strikes)
  • immediately after the attack, Hawkeye was taken by the King together with the Lady and the Chancellor to a safe room where it was revealed that the Lady was actually Anshura of House Gamang, seeking an alliance with Dai’i Chuy in the ongoing civil war in Iyo-Chin as well as planning a joint hiring of the Phoenix Legion; Phoenix & Co. returned to their camp
    *[6th of Resplendent Wood] tracked the monsters’ path, found the place where they split up, noted there were 6 of them who all entered from outside the city (north-northwest); followed the trail of the 6th to a well near the primary market, heard Atlas, Oraka, Fenarchas and the Stonebreakers near the city gate and promptly called for their help
  • Fenarchas picked up the monster’s trail, smelled that the well was poisoned, and continued tracking it, leading him to hound the monster at full speed, leaving the rest of the group behind; at some point during the night, Fenarchas killed the monster
  • invitation from the king for a business meeting with General Phoenix; Atlas, Oraka and a traveling exorcist from Corpsewatch also attended; following a gift from the king for their service in saving his life, a proposal to hire the Phoenix Legion for a campaign against House Ta-Yung, striking first at Umber Hills – Phoenix accepted
  • Oraka found out about the monsters, identifying them as Kesava Erra demons; Fenarchas tracked the demons to a camp

Session 24: The Houses Divided

  • Hawkeye traveled to Umber Hills on horseback, disguised as a wandering monk named Odawa, whereas Atlas marched there with his Stonebreakers
  • arrived in Umber hills, scouted the fortress, drew a sketch for replicating the key to the armory, staged a massacre of diseased miners with forged orders that lead to an impromptu trial and execution of several guards and the second-in-command, all with witnesses among the populace; facilitated rumors of the commander’s involvement and cover-up
    *[8th of Resplendent Wood] the Phoenix Legion sets off towards Umber Hills

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