Canemon Yamah

Matriarch of the Canemon Household



Yamah is a Water-Aspected Dragon-Blooded and the matriarch of the Canemon Household. She shows the first signs of advanced age in her lustrous blue hair that begins to be tinged with grey, and visible laugh-lines that make her face seem matronly at times. Her eyes are deep blue and her aforementioned hair falls to her knees, though it is most-often bound in an elaborate tail.

She tends to dress in blue and red colors.


Yamah is a strong woman, a leader for her people and dedicated to her task. She brings safety and happiness to her people and enjoys being able to do so. But nontheless she is well aware that mortals cannot be her equal and never will be. She focusses on the welfare of her family, as she sees them as the center of stability in her small city.

She cares for her children and husband, and will – with great and focussed ferocity – defend them to her death.

Towards unknown outsiders she remains cold and aloof as her position as leader demands. She can quickly warm to welcome company, though, and can adjust her bearing on what she thinks is necessary for the situation.

Towards enemies she remains calm, respectful and calculating, following a mentality of “respect even the smallest enemy, lest you be surprised”.


When entering battle she needs neither weapons nor armor, for she is a master of Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style as well as Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style.


Canemon Yamah

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