Canemon Madaal

Unexalted Member of House Canemon



Looking very much like the younger brother of Oraka that he is, Madaal is the un-Exalted member of House Canemon. He black hari with a slight blue tinge and the same fair skin as the rest of his family. His hair grows to his shoulders, and he keeps a small beard to differentiate himself from Oraka. His eyes are a brighter blue than his sister, but not as bright as those of Oraka.


Madaal is bitter. His self-perception is immensly distorted due to his status as un-Exalted. He is aware that his powers should have manfiested, if they are ever to come, and it pains him to be something lesser than the rest of his family, though they care for him as much as they do for their other children. The internal self-loathing and hatered has been growing into a constant point of confusion, with Madaal more than once lashing out at parents or siblings.

Whenever the possibility presents itself, he will be the first in line to test his mettle against any threat presenting itself, and in many cases his family will accept this, hoping that it might be the moment of his Second Breath. As such Madaal throws himself into action with speed and wild abandon.

Outside of his internal conflict and drive to become an Exalt, Madaal is generally friendly but intense.


Madaal dresses in blue colors and carries on his person a great many shuriken. He uses light armors.


Canemon Madaal

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