White-Cloaked Inari of the Rivers

A God-Blooded in service to the Blackwing Order



White-Cloaked Inari was a God-Blooded member of the Blackwing Order, and one of the chief commanders of the whole organization. She came from the stock of the Three-Streams Crossing’s God-Blooded, but chose not to serve the Guardians, but the Order above all else, for here she could do the most good.

Inari could make her presence known easily, though she prefers to fade into the background, something she was inexplicably good at, even though she always wore seemingly the same clothing: A large white robe with a hood.


Inari liked to be mysterious and indirect, though when the time requires it, she was direct and forceful. She was courteous and generally open to new people approaching her.

She had a great mental fortitude and used the power granted to her by birth as a God-Blooded in service of the Order, for to her nothing was of greater importance than keeping the Order alive.


Inari’s true combat capabilities were entirely unknown until the Siege of Corpsewatch. When at last no planning and organizing was to be done, and all there was to the Siege was keeping alive at the front, she joined her comrades in battle and aided in the defense of Corpsewatch until she was surrounded by a small legion of warghosts that killed her.

While she was fighting she was witnessed to strike at enemies with bare hands, shattering bone and tearing flesh with the force of a man twice her size and four times her bulk. Every strike could snap a zombie in two parts, but in the end the sheer force of the enemy advance felled her, her white cloak now blood-soaked in the streets.


White-Cloaked Inari leaves behind a massive empty spot in the hearts and minds of the Order and her loss seems to have shaken some other high-ranked members significantly. She gave her life to defend others and dedicated her existance to the upholding of the Order’s ideals, harsh as they may be sometimes.

While the city mourns for Moments of Life Exultant, the people seem to also dedicate some thoughts to Inari.


White-Cloaked Inari of the Rivers

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