Sayuri Hiryo

Failed and One-Armed Mercenary Commander


Before the Prequel

Hiryo stranded in the city half a decade ago after loosing all his soldiers in a devastating operation that pitted him against one of the eastern wild tribes. Underestimating his enemy he blundered into their trap and paid dearly, loosing himself an arm in the process. His career as mercenary leader over he decided to settle and do odd jobs, but refusing to stoop to begging. He has found people willing to hire him and over the five years grew fond of the people. He may no longer be perfectly able to fight himself, but he still knows a fair bit about tactics and warfare. In time he helped organize groups of people to deal with a common cause.

Hishiro’s father treatet Hiryo fairly in the past and didn’t discriminate against the crippled man. As such he has earned a few years of goodwill, something Hiryo is more than willing to repay.

Personality-wise Hiryo is solemn and direct, but friendly. He speaks little when not organizing people to a purpose, but can rattle off inspirational words with speed and fervor, managing to push even normal citizens into a battle-ready state.

h3. Prequel

Hiryo aided the young Hishiro Kento when his father’s murderers appeared to take his workshop from him. He fought against the attackers and stood with Hishiro when he exalted as a Solar Exalt, whereas the others either attacked, fled, or refused to follow due to circumstances.

Following Hishiro led to Hiryo’s death at the hand of Samu-Avak, a powerful demon guarding an ancient entryway. Hiryo’s death came quickly and grisly, being ripped apart by spiderlike demon-servants of Samu-Avak.

Sayuri Hiryo

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