Canemon Oraka

Retainer of Atlas', from House Canemon



Young Air-Aspected Dragonblooded of House Canemon, a very small estate of Outcaste that have little interest in the Realm. They have grown somewhat loyal to Atlas and have forged an alliance for now. Oraka is their youngest and has been granted as retainer to Atlas.

Oraka stands 1.85m tall and has white hair, fair skin and bright blue eyes. he is strongly built, but lean as well, his muscles hiding underneath the skin.


As a member of House Canemon Oraka has been tutored on etiquette and bears himself with dignity. He rarely swears unless under duress and can easily seem highbrow, while he is actually just careful in how he expresses himself. He is at times awkward, feeling his education making it harder to interact with regular mortals. He remains distanced and polite, but can also open up in enjoyable company.

Wherever his House is concerned, Oraka is doubly careful of expression and representation.

He considers himself above mortals, but not apart from them. As taught by his mother, the House of Canemon sees itself as rulers and leaders of mortals, but also as their protectors and those selected to guide them to greatness. Oraka has fully adapted to this mindset, and is willing to help mortals under his care. Those not under his care gain much less attention, though they are not forgotten. According to Oraka their leaders are supposed to take care of them.


Oraka has two masterfully-crafted but ultimately mundane swords and tends to eschew armor for increased mobility.


Known Intimacies:

  • Moments of Life Exultant – Tie: Adoration / Major

Canemon Oraka

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