Kanaro Kakaji

Exceptional Strongman


A bulky muscle-bound man of 2.3 meters height and a bald head.


Before the Prequel

Some say that Kakaji is the lost child of famous Eternal Stone, the god-blooded son of an influential mountain-god. The stories could certainly be true, seeing as Kakaji (also known locally as Mountainbreaker) is an enormously large man with more muscles than most people weight. Standing easily 2.3 meters in height, the man is strong enough to entertain challengers to his title at any point.

Kakaji is fiercely loyal to a variety of people in the quarter, Hishiro among them. The two are good acquaintances, if not friends. More than once did the two of them go out and drink a night away.

Personality-wise Kakaji can show two vastly different sides. When on public display he is boastful, challenging and seems overly sure of himself to the point of folly. He remains friendly most of the time. When not on display he is more silent and thoughtful, showing remarkable perceptiveness for a man of his job.


Kakaji helped Hishiro against the men that wanted to take his workshop away and murderes his father. With glee he aided in the ‘Little War of Juniko-District’ as people called it afterwards.

When Hishiro exalted, Kakaji – a strong believer in the Immaculate Philosophy – was sure that he saw his friend’s soul get taken by a powerful demon. Full of conviction he charged the young Solar and was struck unconscious.

Kanaro Kakaji

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