Canemon Kaoden Rana

First Daughter of House Canemon, Military Leader



Kaoden is a Water-Aspected Dragon-Blooded of House Canemon, older sister to Oraka Canemon, and a highly skilled military leader. She’s trained for half the lifetime of a mortal in the art of war and combat, and has shown time and again to be a master strategos.

In battle she directs her troops with ruthless efficiency and tireless dedication, unrelenting like the waters she feels aligned to.

Physically she is unimposing, though quite beautiful. She stands 1.65m tall with black hair that falls to her waist and eyes of a deep blue. She dresses in red colors with black and sometimes blue accents.


Taught and tutored by her parents, Kaoden is a master of many things, including etiquette, leadership, military tactics, history and more. As apparent heir to the house she is constantly being evaluated by her mother, which has led to a fair bit of mental resistance against her.

She tends to remain distant and polite on the surface, but also feels deeply on the inside. In combat she utilizes seething anger or hatered to fuel her dedicated and relentless actions, while in peace she uses these feelings to harden herself against subtle and overt influences.

She is ever-marked by one of her desires: Following her own will to greatness, not led by her mother to it. This has resulted in a bit of internal strife between mother and daughter over many years.


She wields Rose of a Bloodwashed Dawn, an intricately decorated Direlance of great power, made of various materials, including Orichalcum and primarily Jade. Her weapon always has the flag of her House tied to it.

Additionally she wears Steadfast Waves Crashing, a reinforced breastplate made of (primarily blue) jade, into battle.


Canemon Kaoden Rana

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