The Grim Maiden

The Grim Maiden of the Forlorn House Along the Road Untravelled


Better known by her full name (The Grim Maiden of the Forlorn House Along the Road Untravelled), this Goddess has long-since had a dire reputation. She made her home in a small decrepit house that sat along a road untravelled and never spoke. There are many horror stories surrounding her, though few find proper argument and proof for their claims. She is said to be a cruel and unforgiving god filled with rage and hate.

Her exact history is unknown, though it has been revealed that she has not been given a job to tend do and has since been exiled from Yu-Shan.

When she was asked for aid to Corpsewatch against an army of the undead, she moved without hesitation to take part in the fighting. She has an intense dislike and hatred to the Enemies of Creation.


The Grim Maiden

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