Akamoto Jiao-Ning

Former Sergeant in Nechara's military, long retired now


Wizened, scarred and old but unbroken warrior. Stands 1.7m tall and has white hair with a bald plate.


Before the Prequel

Former soldier long since retired. Survived many battles and can’t stand to see criminals get their way. He got into trouble many times and the community helped him out just as often. He is a well-liked man filled with more strength and will than people give him credit for. He may never have been a leader or done great things, but he keeps his people safe whenever he can.

Personality-wise he is friendly to those of his quarter and gruff to the rest. He can be scathing and vitriolic and has gotten into more than one fight with criminals by ways of outright provocation and insult.

He is related to Hishiro Kento (Daniel’s Character) not by blood, but as a valued member of his city-quarter. Kento’s father provided the weapon Jiao-Ning took into battle many years ago.


Jiao-Ning served with the military for many years before retiring. He lived in a somewhat poorer district in the city and bonded with the locals, which mostly worked well together within their district. He has helped put several unsavoury criminals to rest in his retirement.

When Hishiro Kento’s father died he tried to help the young Hishiro and could so so valiantly after bandits revealed their involvement in the murder and tried to make an example of Hishiro and his workshop.

He stood by the young Solar when he exalted, but could not follow him, with his age preventing him from doing much good. He wished him best of luck and promised to be here to help if Hishiro would ever return.

Akamoto Jiao-Ning

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