An Exalted Empire

Hishiro Kento - Prequel

The Story of Hishiro Kento

Hishiro Kento’s father was murdered.

After two weeks of grieving-time and a closed workshop, Hishiro decided to reopen, but was approached by men that wanted to press a claim on the workshop due to the dead father’s gambling debts. Hishiro refused and was attacked, but three of his friends aided him:

  • Akamoto Jiao-Ning, an old retired soldier that still kept his district safe
  • Kanaro Kakaji, a local strongman said to posess the blood of a Mountain-God
  • Sayuri Hiryo, a one-armed failed mercenary captain that had long been helped by Hishiro and his father

They drove the attackers off, whom swore to return with stronger force the next day. Together the group organized a quick and surprisingly massive defense, aided by about one hundred citizens that felt it right to come to Hishiro’s aid.

They fought the enemy ‘army’ and won in what would later be called the ‘Little War of Juniko-District’. While the combat still raged, Hishiro Kento exalted as a Twilight-Caste Solar, something that scared many of his one-time allies and led to the city signalling alarm. Kanaro Kakaji was a firm believer in the Immaculate Philosophy and decided to attack the young Solar out of rage and grief, thinking his friend’s soul lost. Akamoto Jiao-Ning said his goodbye to Hishiro, but remained an ally, promising help should the Solar ever return. Sayuri Hiryo remained an ally as well and followed Hishiro when he left the city, pursued by two unknown Dragonblooded, one a Fire-Aspect and one a Water-Aspect.

Entering a cave three hours north of the city as refuge, the mortal and Solar alike rested for a bit. Hishiro was then grasped by memories and visions from the past, having been in these caves in an age now long forgotten. He walked in trance through the caves, unerringly moving to a large cave filled with unnatural darkness.

The cave turned out to be guarded by Samu-Avak, a powerful demon that was bound long ago as guardian of his place. As payment for his services the demon demanded the life of Sayuri Hiryo, something that Hishiro Kento denied in full, but could not prevent in the end.

The demon had guarded a magical gateway to a strange temple-fortress in which the remains of Hishiro’s former incarnation rested and many tomes of knowledge were stored. Most of the fortress he was unable to explore, due to the doors not opening, and after a couple days he returned to the cave, finding the gateway closed behind him.



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