An Exalted Empire

Hidden View - Prequel

The Story of Hidden View

Hidden View, under his former name Laoshaan, worked in Gem as a city guard, a detective and spy. He was ordered to infiltrate a group of smugglers known as the Kamoro Syndicate. While inside the organization he discovered that local citizens were being abducted to be sold as illegal slaves to a “buyer” of sorts, with heavy evidence pointing to something evil going on, for their destination was to be Blackhall Hollow, a place with an evil reputation.

After bringing this information to his handler’s attention he was reprimanded and ordered back on task by his superiors, for taking out gem-smugglers was considered more worthwhile than saving a few people nobody cared about.

Yet one of the victims was a friend of Hidden View, and the man decided to take matters into his own hands. He called upon acquaintances and allies of his own and made after the abductors with haste.

Infiltrating a place where the abducted people had been stored, he found out that they were already on the move. Following the trail together with his allies, they managed to overtake and ambush a well-guarded caravan that carried part of the victims. Hidden View freed them and sent them back to Gem with prayers to the gods.

Having arrived at Blackhall Hollow, Hidden View quickly found out that the slaves were to be sold to demon worshipers who intended to summon demons unbound into Creation. After a heated argument between the abductors and the demon worshipers which led to the messy deaths of the criminals, preparations were begun for the ritual sacrifices.

Hidden View decided to stop this at all costs, and signaled his allies to engage the demon worshipers. A demon had already been summoned many days before and was guarding the location, and this demon – an Erymanthus (Blood Ape) – came running to the aid of his allies.

Facing the demon in close combat, Hidden View exalted as a Night Caste Solar and struck the demon down with the aid of a Sidereal that had pretended to be an ally of his. This Sidereal, Five Winds of Death, was on assignment to take out the demon worshipers. He did so with the aid of the Solar, and parted ways before the demon was defeated, but not before implanting – via a conjured arrow – a suggestion into Hidden View to journey far to the East.



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