An Exalted Empire

Atlas - Prequel

The Story of Atlas

Atlas’ family had been killed when he was young, struck down by a strange group of mercenaries. The young man fled and found shelter among a group of travellers, a travelling village of sorts.

He stayed with them until they as well were cut down by mercenaries more than a decade later. Life is dangerous, but this was not coincidence. The leader of the mercenaries had been the same that struck down his family long ago, and it seemed fate that brought them together again.

Once more Atlas survived despite being seemingly consigned to death.

He became a lone wanderer, avoiding to stay anywhere for long. Ten years he kept up this existance, wandering wherever fate took him, paying no heed to where he was going in the end.

He arrived at a small village, Yijou falls, by chance, hidden away in the hilly terrain. The guards near the entry to the village were careful and sent for their leaders, a group of Outcast Dragon-Blooded – the Canemon family. They invited him to stay, as protocol would require. He was given a proper guest-house outside of the family’s compound, and was soon questioned by the matriarch of the family, Canemon Yamah.

Atlas was convinced to stay a few more days by the youngest of the family, the as-yet unexalted Canemon Madaal.

After some days have passed, a new group of people arrived near the village. The scouts found the group and designated them mercenaries or raiders. The Canemon family made ready for combat and met the intruders on the village’s edge. They seemed intent on claiming Atlas for their own, and their leader called him out specifically.

The Canemon family refused to hand over their guest, and within moments the situation turned to bloodshed, as the mercenaries attacked. Only the two leaders, a man and a woman, did not attack on their own.

Once the mortals had been taken down, the two leaders came into action, quickly dropping all pretense and revealing their true nature as Lunars, the Anathema of the Moon. The beasts attacked with terrible ferocity, and at this point Atlas felt the power of the sun come to him, heared the Unconquered Sun speak to him.

He exalted as a Solar of the Zenith Caste, and aided in driving the Lunars off. Curiously enough they only retreated when an enormous owl, a Strix, flew into the clearing. The Full Moon Caste Lunar of the two (the man), seemed fearful of the new arrival, though they all left quickly and without much more words.

After this incident Yamah retreated for a few hours and then broke a long-held silence. She told of her father, whom had once been an honored member of the Dragon-Blooded Host of the Blessed Isle. He had spoken something considered heresy and was nearly killed for it. He fled the realm and settled in the wilds and founded a small family. Years later he would venture out once more, never to be seen again.

He had taught Yamah about his visions: A world in which new heroes and villains would emerge, those with which the Dragon-Blooded could not contend on their own. And so he taught her to be prepared, for one day fate would call her to action.

She had long kept this a secret and now considered that perhaps this new arrival, Atlas, might be one such newborn hero. She ordered her son, Oraka, to join Atlas on his travels and watch him, evaluate him, consider carefully his actions and merits. Should he prove to be a true hero, the whole of the Canemon Household would stand behind Atlas in the future.

Atlas and Oraka left several weeks later, though their desination was yet unknown.



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