An Exalted Empire

Arrival in the Three Streams Province

Revolution Inbound

The campaign started many months after the exaltation of the characters. Seven Swords Saint and Hidden View entered the city of Dai’i-Chuy about a few hours off from one another, both having guarded a caravan as a means of earning a wage.

Upon arriving in the city, Hidden View – under his cover identity of Hawkeye – decided to find the warrior that came before him into the city, the fabled Seven Swords Saint, of whom he had heard a few stories before. Eager to make the acquaintance of such a prestigious fellow, he sought him out and met him in a tea house in Tavern Row, a district of Dai’i Chuy, after both had witnessed a procession of the Blackwing Order of Executioners from the nearby fortress-city of Corpsewatch pass through the streets.

After proper introductions, a well-deserved hot meal and a pleasant chat, the two were interrupted by twin servants of the government looking for Saint and – interestingly enough – Hawkeye as well.

Hawkeye spotted someone intently watching the conversation and decided to follow up on that lead, while Saint was already invited to the Patience Hall, the primary government building in the city, situated in the district named like it.

Changing his magical disguise quickly and in secret, Hidden View followed the man that spied on them and quickly found out that his target was a skilled infiltrator himself, being apparently part of an entire spy network in the city. Appearing to be one of their own, the Night Caste Solar identified those he came across in the streets and discovered their hideout in the Bright Lantern District, which was the district of whorehouses and street workers alike, as well as the means required to enter it.

Having found enough information for the time being, Hawkeye followed where Saint had already gone, to Patience Hall, accompanied by one of the servants.

There they were invited into the highest tower, to meet the lord of the city, Enno-Choi Kam. The lord pleaded for the assistance of the two men, for they had proven to be highly capable fighters while escorting the caravans into town. They were introduced in this talk to two others that had promised aid by one way or another: Deva Surata-Kash and Whimsical Auria.

The first one was a mortal sorcerer of renown who was known to Seven Swords Saint in a negative way (Saint’s mother had fought the sorcerer in the past), while the second was a supernatural human of undisclosed origins with amazing musical abilities. In the following discussion about the situation, the local lord pleaded and asked for help, offering great rewards in turn. The situation was, quite simply, that a foreign power (Iyo-Chin) was fomenting rebellion within the city, to weaken it and force them to join the budding realm of the merchant princes. The group accepted and promised aid to the lord.

They were conveyed to a chancellor and spymaster: Loi-Shau Tuan. The old man provided plenty of information, spots to investigate and possible leads, and pleaded with them as well, for the instigators of rebellion had abducted a score of important people that were prominent members of the loyalists, among them his own wife.

After clearing up the possibilities of the leads presented, the group split in two: The first group would weed out the smugglers near the southern city walls and see if the hostages were kept there, something that went down quickly and bloodily, as Saint and Deva made short work of the smugglers indeed, discovering a tunnel that lead outside of the city.

The second group, composed of Hawkeye and Auria, would first distract and remove the enemy spies from the streets by force, depositing them in an abandoned house for the city’s loyal mercenaries to pick up for interrogation, and then move on to secure the entry into the spies’ hideout found earlier in Hawkeye’s investigation, something which would have to wait until the following session.



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